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Quick Reply/Suggestions in notifications




This annoys me a bit, but after I reply to a txt via the notification bar, it gives me a suggestion to text to myself 😂😂 I love the quick suggestions but it seems silly for them to pop up when you reply, not all my questions are rhetorical are they? No!



Helping Hand

I like what you did there @Li4m79. :face-with-tears-of-joy:

I haven't seen this yet as no one has messages me apart from varification codes (which does not let me reply 😭)

All mine are through WhatsApp.

But I can see why  Samsung only knowing what to say to yourself makes you think that Samsung thinks your insane :face-with-tears-of-joy: 

On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders
Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @Li4m79 


Isn't it amazing that you have an option to text someone who you know for sure cares about you? 

Aren't you just glad that you took part in the Beta Programme and can enjoy this amazing feature?

But if you don't like it and think that it's a bug, then shouldn't you register an error report via Beta Feedback option in Samsmung Members app then? 


Oh, wow. I think it's contagious :grinning-face-with-one-large-and-one-small-eye::face-with-tears-of-joy:

Haha, alright alright😂😂.. I actually didn't think it was a bug as such, more a design flaw. Posted here just to see if it happens to anyone else.