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Google Pay not working


Google Pay does not work on the One UI 2.0 Beta.


 "Your phone doesn't meet software standards" is the message Google Pay shows up. I am unable to use Google Pay since updating to Beta.


A big deal breaker for me. My bank doesn't support Samsung Pay either 😕


Using an Unlocked Note 9.


My Samsung Note 10+ (SM-N975F) THL CSC was working excellent with Google Pay since September 2019 with several different banks from different countries. 


Date 2019-10-30

Android 9


Google Pay working fine



Date 2019-12-15

Android 10


Google Pay working fine 



Date 2020-01-07

Android 10


Google Pay Not working

Your phone doesn't meet software standards 


Contact Samsung via Members - they said factory reset and if not working - send to repair center. 





I found another SM-N975F phone. 

Works on 9.

Update to 10 - works . 

Latest (January) firmware update - Google Pay again: Your phone doesn't meet software standards. 


Return firmware to previous STOCK (December) FW - Google Pay works fine. WORKS !!! 

Again OTA Update January - Google Pay again: Your phone doesn't meet software standards. 




Found THIRD NOTE 10+ Phone also THL.

Absolutely different Google account. 

Absolutely SAME work on December FW and NOT working on January FW.


On LATEST FIRMWARE from January the FW has some security conflict with Googe Pay. 


All three Note 10+ phones were NEVER rooted, never unlocked, never part of obeta program. Only standard stable stocks FWs. 


Samsung PLEASE FIX FIRMWARE or Contact Google and talk about false detect of their algorithm. 


Update from Feb 12, 2020 

FINALY FIX in FIRMWARE and Google Pay works again
Date 2020-02-12
Android 10
(Still January Security Patch Level 2020-01-01)


PLEASE DO NOT change the discussion from NON WORKING Google Pay to other payment system (Samsung Pay) and advertising other products like Curve for raise money as registration links.
I also use Curve with Google Pay and with Samsung Pay but here, CURRENT TOPIC is for GPAY PROBLEM.

All people need and want to read about their problem not alternative solutions.

I will give you an example and I hope understand me:
I hane a problem and post: My bank A is l not wotking.
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This DO NOT HELP people using bank A and this is SPAM in the topic for problems.

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You can make new topic and post your excitements.
I am getting fed up and tried Samsung still have not got their act together as the world moves toward contactless payment system our phone plays a major role in this. Fix your god dam bug and speak to Google to get Google pay on S3 Gear watch , in UK Samsung pay is a major flop why bother inventing the same wheel when you got one that works perfectly.

I still can't use google pay on SM-G975F device