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Google Pay not working


Google Pay does not work on the One UI 2.0 Beta.


 "Your phone doesn't meet software standards" is the message Google Pay shows up. I am unable to use Google Pay since updating to Beta.


A big deal breaker for me. My bank doesn't support Samsung Pay either 😕


Using an Unlocked Note 9.


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Hello Everyone!


@Biz22, yes, I thought of Google Pay (previously called Android Pay), sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately, the application Google Pay won't work during the Beta Programme.


Samsung Pay application should work; @theoracle, I am glad it works for you :smiling-face:

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I also have the same message, luckily I noticed it before using it in stores.  Samsung pay does not work with my bank so its left me with no phone tap and pay method.


Awkward when you're at a busy checkout and you only have your phone with you to pay. 

Clearly, this is a big deal but why no warning about this? 


It isnt working because you're using beta. Beta software is not verified therefore will not work with android pay. As also mentioned in the update notes


The use of beta is for testing purposes and returning feedback

This was never clarified when upgrading to beta. It was only mentioned that "some banking apps may not work"

I'm ok with my banking apps not working. But Google Pay completely not functioning? That's not cool

Whilst not ideal you can use Samsung Pay if your bank supports it. This is what I use and works perfectly well. 


Samsung Pay would be a great solution/workaround however, UK banks have been very, very reluctant to embrace it as they see the big two (Google and Apple) to be their priority to support.

I went into my local Samsung shop to ask about getting my Gear Sport firmware changed from Italian to English (it was a refurbished item in eBay). 

They didn't want to know about changing the firmware and so I was stuck with Samsung Pay available but only in Italian! 

Their advice to me was to add Google pay to my watch... 🤣🤣🤣

If the staff are suggesting you adopt Google Pay, what chance is there for Samsung's own product being any more than a niche app?!? 

As I mentioned this is a beta firmware hence why Google pay is not working as it unverified firmware. When android 10 roll out is official it will start working.

If you do not wish to use the firmware and want android pay withdraw from the beta and revert to official firmware currently on android 9

Truly, I tried it with one of my other cards and its terrible. Do they really expect you to open up the app, select the card you want to use, authenticate and (even though to use the app you have already unlocked your phone) THEN tap your phone? Such a bad implementation. If I could just tap my phone like Google Pay I could at least try use it, but this? Nop

And lose all my data? 😕