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Feature for Facebook notification


Does anybody else keep getting an updating a feature for Facebook notification since upgrading to android 10? I keep dismissing it but keeps coming back. 

The same issue i have, if i clear it will appear again in few minutes.

I'm still getting this on the latest beta. 

It appears several times a day - I'm not sure if it's actually updating, or getting stuck, or something else completely.

Would be nice to get some feedback from the developers on this one @TomaszT - what is it? 

I think I'll go back to disabling the app and anything to do with Facebook, and maybe install Faceboo Lite, or Facebook from an APK mirror. 



I'm still having this issue with the latest beta. 


I'm getting this aswell but my conclusion is the facebook update is a beta update which is full up so noone else can download this update. I guess it's a waiting game. Hope this helps


I am now getting this message on beta 3 that keeps on popping up. An error report has been sent so hopefully it can be sorted before the final buildScreenshot_20191115-200441_Chrome.jpg



I've had this from the very first beta and it's still here on the 3rd. Its extremely annoying. Clearing cache, data or reinstalling doesn't fix it unfortunately 


I was having this problem but I read a thread elsewhere where someone mentioned uninstalling Facebook. I couldn't uninstall it, all I could do is remove updates to it, so I tried that and then reinstalled the updates through the play store and that seems to have sorted it.... So far at least. 


I'm still having this issue multiple times a day, even on the latest beta (ZSKJ).

Tried uninstalling updates and updating again, as well as clearing data on the Facebook app and it's associated apps (services, app manager etc..) 

I'm also running the latest version of Play Store (17.6.19), but the "Feature for Facebook" update returns before too long, and has to be manually cleared as it never completes...


I started getting this on the 5th Beta ... Very annoying


This is the reply I had to my feedback about it.

Samsung aren't going to do anything about it.


The problem would be solved if we could uninstall the Facebook app. I'm yet to see why it needs to be an "embedded" app.

Screenshot_20191122-201054_Samsung Members.jpg