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6th beta update


Still no battery graphs or brightness cog when double tapping always on display clock 

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@Graykenhill Do you get anything when you double tap the AOD clock? I was seeing just the settings cog. I tapped that and unlocked, then turned off auto-brightness. Now when I double tap the AOD clock I see the cog and the brightness icon - tapping that icon once gives me the slider to adjust brightness. 


Hi there, when I double tap the AoD clock it takes me directly to my lock screen, this has happened since the first beta, this is a feature is use every night. I've never had the cog since, have tried all options auto brightness on / off nothing seems to work.

Just in case this helps, the options for the Always on Display that I use are:

-Show always

-Clock style: 


Mon, 25 November


-Show music information: On

-Rotate screen to: Portrait

-Auto brightness: off


Very similar to set up to me, have tried every clock face, will probably do factory reset if not in final beta Screenshot_20191125-130438_Always On Display.jpg


@Graykenhill Have you sent feedback about it on the Members app? 
I've just tried every clock style and the cog/brightness icon appeared on all of them even the calendar and image ones. 

The only one it was missing from was the edge clock, but I expected that as it says widgets and notifications won't display. 


Yeah mate sent feedback on every beta

Have they given an answer yet? 

I've had a few replies (other than the generic message that automatically appears).


Yeah had similar reply twice now Screenshot_20191125-132756_Samsung Members.jpg


Hey @Graykenhill 


Like I have replied to you in another topic, I am checking up on that case personally and the development team should be 100% aware of the problem is exactly about :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type: