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Is just me or has the music volume much lower than what it was on android 9 sometimes you barely hear it .

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hey @Darren22 


If you have noticed a difference, then please be sure to share that in an error report with us.

Also, when you register it, please add some more information: What sound level is it currently set at (the lowest, the highest etc.), is it about the specific app, if it is only for multimedia sounds or other sounds too.
Anything that comes to your mind :winking-face:


I hadn't noticed until just now, whilst using bluetooth earphones. 

Almost feels like it only just started to happen too.

I updated to the latest beta on Monday, and I've used bluetooth earphones a few times since then.

However I've just started listening to some music and it was soooo quiet with the volume half way, where I'd usually have it.

Turning it up to full and it's just about comfortably loud, but not deafening loud like I used to be able to go (I wouldn't, but would occasionally listen to more than comfortably loud to drown out surrounding noise). Now, i can hear my refrigerator whirring away over the top of the music. 


I've sent feedback.

After sending feedback just now, I tried a soft restart (hold power + volume done button for 10 seconds until after the screen goes off and the startup logo appears).

I can now get volume back up to deafening levels again, and my comfortable listening is actually just below middle (which I now have set, and can't hear my refrigerator over the top of my music). 

Definitely a bug somewhere.