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Saving Motion Capture next to Original Photo

(Topic created on: 26-04-2022 06:49 PM)
Dia Berry
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and I am posting here about the incredibly useful motion capturing that can be done to get a single photo from your saved motion picture. My issue is that in the past, the newly saved still that I capture from the original motion photo, would save next to the original photo, making it incredibly easy to find and edit and organize with all of my other photos. However since an update that I did, it started to save the newly saved capture into a seperate folder specifically for video captures in my gallery. Another update and it was back to saving next to the original. And another update later, and it's back to saving in the seperate video capture folder. I have to say, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to have the saved photo go into its own seperate album instead of staying next to the original and it makes organizing my photos impossible to keep for example all photos from a certain event together. And if I move the video capture into the camera folder where the original photo is, it doesn't save it next to the original, but in the front of the album as if it's a new picture. I have searched and cannot find any way to be able to edit this and make the newly saved capture photo save next to the original. Is there anything I am missing that I can do to help with this??? Or can Samsung please change it back to how it was before when it was actually a convenient feature?!?! Thanks so much!!!

Any help appreciated 🙏 

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Yes this new dedicated "video capture" folder is an incredible inconvenience for many reasons.. from the initial motion photo processing (to collect the best shots to keep) to final cloud upload or other organization, it does not serve any purpose of merit to have this absurd folder where photos deemed "captures" vanish into the abyss.