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Samsung's editor short manual CONCLUSION part 10 of 10

(Topic created on: 08-07-2023 04:31 PM)
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Conclusion: The strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung Editor 

My first thought is that the photo editor has improved a lot over the years and it's all because users have suggested ideas to Samsung Developers. I think despite everything that there is still room for improvement but for that, we must all together submit our ideas. We call it BrainStorming 

In fact, I already have a few points that I would like Samsung to improve BUT, before listing them all, I would like you to give me the points that bother you the most so that our requests to Samsung will be heard.

I will, however, mention a few of them:

Good points :

  • Fairly comprehensive and easy to understand editor once you know which section to go to.
  • The Rotation function is really my favorite of all the editors I tested. In addition, the fact that there is the AUTO key, no one can claim that it is difficult to align the horizon or the buildings and put in the Galaxy Gallery photos of the Eiffel Tower which looks more like the Tower from Pisa…
  • Many filters and styles are offered and we can add our own or others that we have purchased.
  • I find it easy to find a photo or video thanks to the structure implemented by Samsung, whether in the Gallery or in the My files application! We click on Videos, we find them all .. we click on portrait, we find them all etc etc etc.

Weak points :

  • I find it annoying that you can't work directly on the selection you made in the editor.
  • Moreover, when we enlarge our image in order to work on it, it is impossible to return to the original size of the image, which forces us to change editors and start all over again from scratch. 
  • I wish I could choose a specific color to quickly replace the one I don't like and if I had a color wheel I would have or choose the color I wanted.
  • A quick pick wand would be welcome.
  • I noticed that it was impossible for me to reduce certain selections that I had made to reintroduce them into the original photo, which forced me to use another editor. As an example, I cut out the eye of a Middle Duke who had his eyes open but I couldn't reduce it enough to put it on my original photo.. I'd probably have to reduce the larger picture at the same size/format to the other one to get it work...i will check it soon and i give you the result after. 

Cassidy007_0-1688780801832.jpegI couldn't shrink the eye any further, I had to use another editor!

As you see, I have only put a few examples and when recomposing the final article, I will put photos to show you the points that I have named.

Don't forget that you can strongly help me to make Samsung improve his photo editor. Just tell me what is good for you in the Samsung's editor and what is bugging you when you work with the editor. 

 NB Many of you are already using a photo editor rather than Samsung's  and it is to these people that I am speaking so that they can share their ideas with me before relaunching Samsung and their developers. 

I therefore look forward to your ideas/suggestions so that together we can make Samsung grow even more.

Contents : 

1-  Introduction

2-  Opening the Gallery application

3-  The different sections of the editor 

4-  Open the Samsung photo/video editor

5 -  The 3 small points of the editor

6 -  The styles offered by Samsung

7  Mixing colors or shades

8-   The different filters available 

9-   Learn how to use the Samsung editor to enhance your photos 

10-  Conclusion: The strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung Editor (    Under construction)

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Thank you, this is a very helpful resource.
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Vous aimez la photographie ? Si OUI, cliquez ici :
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