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XCover Pro Adaptive Brightness (CameraLightSensor) Battery Drain

(Topic created on: 11/11/20 08:01)
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Since the system update from 30 October my XCover Pro has excessive battery drain. The top ranking app in the battery usage listing is the CameraLightSensor system app, responsible for using the front camera as a light sensor for the Adaptive Brightness functionality. If I let it do its thing it will consume up to 20% of the power per day, even when the phone sees little active use.


I have followed the usual recommendations for battery drain, to no avail. There are clear indications this is a bug introduced by the update:

  • the drain started right after the update, there was none before
  • disabling adaptive brightness in the settings stops the drain, but of course, it also stops the adaptive brightness feature
  • I have configured Tasker to disable/enable adaptive brightness whenever the screen turns off/on. This greatly reduces the drain to less than 5% per day, which indicates that otherwise the adaptive brightness/CameraLightSensor is uselessly busy and draining the battery even when the screen is off.

While I can live with the Tasker "solution," this looks like a clear bug to me and there may be more wrong with this (5%/day still seems a bit excessive for what this does, so I suspect the CameraLightSensor is in some kind of "overdrive" whenever it is on). Also, Tasker is a paid app and users should not be expected to buy this as a workaround to manufacturer bugs.


I have sent error reports to Samsung support using the Members app, but never received any response.

Any suggestions?

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I'm seeing the same problem 😕