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Why is S8 mobile data used when turned off?

(Topic created on: 28-08-2021 05:38 PM)
Jacob S
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I know I'm like three generations behind, but I have an S8. In the last two months ONLY, my phone carrier has started sending me messages saying I'm using up my data. I only use wifi. I have mobile data turned off always because the data plan I was grandfathered into is like 50 MBs or something. When I check my mobile data in my phone, it says I've used 0 bytes. My phone company says that error reporting can use mobile data while it's turned off, but that seems like a lot of error messages with no images/sound (and I haven't seen any of these). Is there a way to turn off this extra data usage even though it's already turned off?

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Hi @Jacob S 


Turning Off Mobile Data in your phone's settings would stop any data usage as indicated by your phone's stats that you've mentioned.

All the Network sees is Data Usage but won't be able to see what it has been used On.

Being able to diagnose why the Network is seeing Data usage isn't going to be easy or do able in my opinion.

Long press on your Wi-Fi toggle and press the 3 little dots in the top right hand corner to get to Settings and look in the advanced menu to toggle Off  Switch to Mobile Data if it's toggled On.

If your Network offers a Network App you might have some control over Data Usage in there.

It maybe beneficial to look at having a slightly bigger Mobile Data allowance.

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