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VPN being disabled by android apps without my permission

(Topic created on: 16-05-2020 06:22 AM)
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I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy J2 series smartphone for over 18 months. For about 9 months I’ve noticed that opening android app games will immediately disable my vpn. Initially I thought this was a problem with the vpn but I’m now convinced it’s my phone. Other VPNs suffer the same problem - disabled by android apps. This has become critical recently as I rely on an active VPN connection to conduct my work. The problem has now spread to non-gaming apps. I’ve done a factory reset but that has just thrown up more problems with certain apps not being available anymore and a bunch of password issues. The vpn problem remains too. What is going on? It feels like a software update is required. I’ve tried every variation of settings on the phone and on the vpn but to no avail. The phone has been okay up till now but this issue is fast becoming a reason to ditch it and not buy Samsung again. 

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sorry, the only option would be to try to change vpn app since you already did a factory reset.

Sorry again for not having any other ideas.

Have a nice evening!