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Update destroyed phone

(Topic created on: 21/11/20 16:33)
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My S7 Edge updated during night on Friday. The phone was then dead, no power, no charging, nothing.


I phoned Samsung and explained the phone is out of warranty but their update destroyed it. The screen was last on at 6am that morning when it was swirling around installing the update followed by UI has become unstable message just before it died. 


Everything is lost. There's a phone backup on Samsung website but I can't access my info unless I buy a new Samsung phone which is not happening. 


They said I could send it in and pay for a repair but they can't say the cost until they have my phone. The back has a crack in the glass which they say is compulsory to repair even though I said no. 

It would cost 200.00 plus to fix so I'd rather buy a new phone from a different manufacturer than trust Samsung again. 


I think it's disgusting how I've been treated. 


A lot of sentimental stuff was on the phone including last text messages from my friend. 


I'll never buy from Samsung again and I'm making it my mission to tell the world.  I have to call trading standards on Monday to see if they can help. I strongly believe the update from Samsung had something in it to force the customer to purchase a new phone. 

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That sounds awful sorry about you losing your messages. I honestly didn't know Samsungs support was that bad *****