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Transferring Data from a J3 to an S8.

(Topic created on: 19-07-2021 07:42 PM)
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I am changing phone from a Samsung J3(2017) to an Samsung S8.
I have done a factory reset on the S8 and used Samsung Smart switch to copy everything over.
I use my calendar extensively with both one-off and repeating reminders, but delete most as I go along. There are a few older ones that I keep.
When the synchronisation is finished, my calendar shows all my reminders going back to when I first bought the J3 (around 2018) and some of the forthcoming reminders are missing. For example if i had 10 repeating reminders for Monday and Tuesday etc., then I see 10 on Monday but only 2 on Tuesday !
I've tried this twice now also using the Google restore option in settings.
Each time I have to start with a reset as I can't find anyway of deleting all the entries in the calendar on the new S8 phone.
I have also tried deleting the Backup on the cloud in case it was accumulative from 2018, but if I re-backup after, I end up with the same number of entries.
Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated, as it's not much of an option to delete calendar entries one by one from the last three years !