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SIM cards on Note 8 stopped working

(Topic created on: 11-03-2020 09:57 PM)
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Hello everyone, 

I got myself a Second-Hand note 8 a while ago. I was pretty in bad shape, with some dead pixels, no S pen, and some cracks. But I looked past those things since they didn't bother me so much. The phone seemed to work fine until recently it stopped letting me make calls or anything else related to the courier I'm using. I'ts giving me the 'Not registered on network' , 'Phone not allowed for voice' and 'selected network (...) not avalable' errors. It's like the phone started thinking it's locked on some courier i don't know about. It's strange because I've been making calls for around a week now. 

I've tried a ton of things by now. But nothing has worked. I know it's the phone by trying the sim on my other Note 8

Any help would be greatly apriciated, thank you! 


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I'm hoping your phone hasn't been imei locked @art60folado 


This happens if the original owner after selling the phone then reports the phone as lost or stolen and the network blacklists it so it won't work.


If this happens then only the original owner can have this lifted by again contacting the network.


You can't I'm afraid.


We see this happen in the UK occasionally.


In the UK we have a site called  to which a person can check the status of the phone.

i.e blocked.


Maybe you have something similar where you reside to check the status of your phone.


Samsung wouldn't be able to lift an imei bar either.


If you think this isn't the case as your sim card works in another phone then as a process of elimination can you try another different sim card in the phone  ?


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre would be able to run a diagnostic test on the phone to ensure it's not something else possibly caused by a drop resulting in the cracks you mention on the phone.


Unfortunately as accidental damage is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty you maybe charged for any work.



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