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Samsung S7 & S7 Edge wifi keeps disconnecting

(Topic created on: 22-06-2019 03:23 PM)
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I have used Samsung S7 Edge in the year 2016 & 2017 two years. Experienced no issues at all, later switched to apple for a year then came back to Android with same Samsung S7 edge device, after the release of S8 & S9. I started to experience a weird issue. The internet connectivity on the home Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. I must turn off the Wi-Fi then turn it on to make it work, and after a period of time the issue re-occurs. This is totally irritating, I must toggle ON & OFF switch for wi-Fi under settings options (which is not a big deal, but yet) every time to make the internet active. At times when I keep the phone in idle; the internet connection goes off, which I am not even aware of and I tend to miss important mails. The issue does not occur if I am using the mobile data; the internet stays connected for a very long time; the same issue does not occur if I am connected to my office WI-FI or restaurant WI-FI. The issue only persists for my home WI-FI Initially I though this is my internet ISP provider issue, then thought it’s the router issue, later when I started to use my laptop; I have not experienced the same issue. Which rules out my ISP & router issues which is suspected, all the other devices in my home works perfectly except the Samsung S7 edge. I did few searches on the internet and found there are few other people who have experienced the same problem; with the solutions they have provided – tried all the possible software configuration. Did reset the network settings, then finally did format the phone it observed it for few days. The issue has not occurred, then have done all the security updates to the phone and made the phone up to date with software update, there you go the issue popped up again. Totally irritated. Then I thought this might one device defect issue. Thought to give another change to Samsung brand. Gave the old phone to my finance who relays only on mobile data for internet. Then I bought a new phone Samsung S7; there was no issues for couple of days, did all software updates there you go – the issue occurred again. I have been experiencing this issue for the last 6 months totally lost patience today as I have done this Wi-Fi switch toggle today exactly for 67 times for the last 6 hours; though I have not been using the mobile device for the whole 6 hours. I would say I have used my phone for 2 or 3 hours where I have ended up toggling the Wi-Fi switch. Like apple did to drain out the device batteries for Apple devices, I guess Samsung found this way to irritate users to switch phones. I must confess here to Samsung that you have succeed in your plan, as now I have given up the Samsung S7 and the Samsung brand. Not a big fan of Chinese brand but lately with the devices that Huawei manufactures I have decided to go with Huawei brand. Good bye Samsung.

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Sometimes if my wifi glitches I find forgetting the network in the phones wifi settings and then resetting them back up helps.


Also splitting a home routers frequencies to 2.4ghz and 5ghz can help as some devices prefer one over the other.


That said it's obviously upto you what phone make and model you use so I wish you all the best.





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Vinesh I have the same problem! It's not just annoying but costing me as if my data is turned on my phone will disconnect from wifi & switch to data use when I'm at home streaming. 

I'm still looking for an answer/fix!