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Samsung Notes: Note cannot be opened. File corrupted

(Topic created on: 31-07-2022 09:52 AM)

Dear Community,

I have a problem with an extremely important note in Samsung Notes. All of a sudden I could no longer open it. I get an error message: "Note cannot be opened. File corrupted."

App and notes are on internal storage. Before this incident, I did not have any sync with Samsung account or OneNote or other back-up. The device is not rooted.

I have already tried the following:

- Samsung Notes (updated to version and Samsung Notes Add-ons (updated to

- Updated S10e firmware (to version dated 01.07.2022)

- Cleared cache of Samsung Notes, shutdown / restarted several times

- Tried to send the note (as Samsung Notes, PDF, picture, text) -> same error message

- Tried to send the note together with another (working) note -> only the working file is sent with it

- Deleted the note in the recycle bin and restored it.

- Note moved to another folder

- Duplicate note -> same error message

- Save note as file -> in this case it only worked as a .zip file, creating a folder with many files. The largest of these is note.note, which I cannot open in any meaningful way. The online converter has read incomplete fractions of the note, but a substantial part is missing.

- synced with Samsung Cloud

- Backed up the app with Smart Switch and restored it.

- Synced with OneNote - all other notes are displayed, only the damaged one is not.

- Converted notes in the old format (this note was not there and is not shown with the converted ones).

- I even got another Samsung phone (brand new) and used the restore option. Everything was restored properly, but of course this one important note was not even copied 😞

I am slowly at my wits end and need help and tips. In the forums de/eng I have read about such cases. That's where all these actions come from. Nevertheless, I have not found anywhere that the problem has actually been solved.

Do you, dear community, have any ideas on this topic?

I am very grateful for any input. I will not give up hope so quickly.

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Can you visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre who may have software that can help with this.

You've pretty much exhausted self help troubleshooting it looks like @volha1 

Hopefully you won't have to concede that that particular note which has corrupted is lost.

It's always best to back up to other vaults too such as Dropbox etc particularly if the info is sensative / important. 

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

Edit > A similar thread which may hold something you haven't tried > Samsung-notes-corrupt-file. 


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I'm suffering with the same problem brother!

Any luck in recovering it?

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Hi brother!

An update here. 

When nothing worked out, i tried retrospective thinking and figured that the problem started after i cleared the data of the galaxy store (for obvious reasons).

I tried to open the galaxy store and then update Samsung notes - voila😃 - it showed that the corrupted version of the file has been moved to recycle bin and gave my file back.

Now, i can resume my studies.


Hope it helps!🙂