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Samsung M31s faulty update not resolved and no solution is offered by Samsung_changing to IOs, congrats on losing a customer

(Topic created on: 26-06-2022 12:55 PM)
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I have posted before that prior to the latest update, my Samsung M31s device was perfectly functional, in a super good condition and only 20 months old (warranty over).

After update (like within 60 seconds after completing update) it randomly froze and restarted.... About 120 times a day. The phone was essentially unusable even for the basic stuff. I did ALL the troubleshooting nonsense, I am not going to list here, because some smarty will come out with a new nonsense fix that doesn't work. I took the phone to the service center where they reinstalled the software for no avail. I took it back again, and after Samsung has basically destroyed a perfectly functional phone, they had the brass neck and the audacity that I either have to change the motherboard or buy a new phone, and it has probably happened because I had something on the phone before update (so the customer is basically absolutely stup** according to Samsung....). So I am asking that if I have a wonderfully straight and beautiful nose, and after someone is punching me in the face and I start bleeding and my nose breaks.... Is it probably because there was a problem with my nose before, and not because of the punch!? Because that was the logic of the service center employee.... And by the way the cannot do anything, because the warranty is over. So during warranty you don't cause a problem, but after warranty you purposefully destroy thousands of phones (because Google is full of the description of this problem that involves countless users, so it's not my individual problem), because it will cost the user money.


So I turned around and told the representative (who made no logs or records of what happened by the way) that how about instead of buying another potentially faulty device from  a company with no business ethics and absolutely condemnable business conduct, I just change company and buy a device that I don't have to change every year. I give you a hint; budget does not mean throw away after warranty.... It means somewhat limited functionality and user experience. It does not men, cheat the customer. You apparently have zero idea about value for money, about ethics, honesty and conduct. As a result of this absolutely outraging conduct Samsung showed me, in the same hour I bought an Apple device (I used to use it by the way, and the device of the same price category of Samsung lasted me over 4 years!), and I am a happy user of it. I will never anymore buy another Samsung device from anywhere, and I will let also my circles know about the experience I had with you. I will also make sure to go to the consumer protection authorities. This kind of treatment is unacceptable, unforgivable, outrageous. You have created a recipe how to lose customers and customer trust. Samsung is supposed to run behind customers with solutions to amend and sooth the damages they caused. Instead they are blaming it on the customer. I hope many people will know and stop using your devices as long as you ensure your users about correcting your business conduct, ethics, and unacceptable quality of work. Bye-bye Samsung forever..... 

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omg I feel your pain so bad just spent over two hours on the phone to these absolute weirdos. They think they are above the law and all sorts, they don’t care if you’re a solicitor or a barrister or how the law proves the fault is theirs and you’re entitled to a refund/replacement. Doesn’t matter how much you quote the Consumer Rights Act 2015 they genuinely don’t give a toss.

I’m so sorry you had to go through this rubbish because we are having to deal with it too, lodged a formal complaint which probs didn’t get lodged because samsung blatantly lie. Samsung have lost a customer for life here too. Not even purchasing their Tv’s, mobiles, fridges or anything like that ever again. Officially apple forever. 

Our phone has been repaired twice and they aren’t willing to give a refund/replacement it’s come back with the problem worse like wtaf. They are saying to repair it again and apparently then if the engineer says they can refund they will, but it’s a lie and also i’m scared now they will just damage the phone even more on purpose and after it’s been 6 months they under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 can ask you to prove that you didn’t cause the fault, so my guess is they try and destroy every and any opportunity of refund/replacement but regardless it’s pointless. Worst company ever.

My suggestion is report to trading standards, because they have broken the law technically. In my case they MOST certainly have disregarded the law; contact citizens advice bureau and ask them how you can do this, I am yet to do it myself. and also to reports to the consumer ombudsmen service, as they look into complaints.

I swear down, I have never ever been so disgusted before on top of that, you can’t even understand what most of the advisors say and the line is super unclear. Like genuinely never ever been sooo disgusted before. I just wish I googled before we bought, would have seen all the complaints. If only everyone knew the true face of samsung.

Literally just share on tiktok,youtube, facebook, twitter everything. Feel disgusted. Should basically begin a support group for the victims of abuse from Samsung. I feel like our rights have just been taken from us and abused, worst £700.00 spent in my life.