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S8 settings changing and notification issues

(Topic created on: 18-06-2020 05:54 AM)
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The last several weeks my S8 will randomly change my screen timeout from 5 mins to 30 seconds as well as turning on the blue light filter sporadically  This is not a battery saver problem as I've gone through all of those and it will make the changes no matter if the battery is full or low on medium power saving.  Also I'm not seeing the notifications all of the time when a new text message comes in.  Sometimes I'll hear the notification sound but neither the app itself or the notification bar will show a new message.  I won't see it until I go into message+. My brother inlaw also has a S8 with the same issue with the notifications not showing.  I've also been having problems with the call quality when using wifi for calling.  That could be our wifi maybe but you'd think if the signal wasn't strong enough then it would switch to regular network service.  I did find where to turn off wifi calling but now I have a permanent notification telling me I should turn it back on.