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Questions on Smart Switch backup

(Topic created on: 25-05-2024 09:36 PM)
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I have a Galaxy M32. I installed Smart Switch on both my phone and Lenovo laptop (Windows 11). A few days ago, I backed up my phone data (all available options) to my laptop. It did not give any option to specify the destination on my laptop. A folder called Samsung got created in C: Drive Documents but Documents is coming with a red cross.  Also, in my laptop, this Samsung folder is appearing as an online folder instead of offline folder as I was expecting it to be. I also got an email from Microsoft that my One Drive has slightly exceeded its free limit. It looks like the backup was saved on One Drive. How could this have happened?

Please see the attached picture. The red crosses beside the personal folder and Documents folder started appearing after this backup was complete. What do these red crosses signify?

Another question is: Today I uninstalled my Smart Switch program from my laptop in a bid to delete the phone backup data from my laptop. But I still see a Samsung subfolder in my C: drive on searching for 'smart switch' in my C: drive. My question is that : doesn't uninstalling the Smart Switch program from laptop delete all the back up data 

Samsung backup - saved to OneDrive.jpeg