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Photo's disappeared on S8 after archiving

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Hi there, 


Not sure if this has been touched on before - haven't really seen a similar problem as of yet. Yesterday my Samsung S8 asked to archive a bunch of photos to save on storage. These were a bunch of photos, when seen in a quick drop down view, were photos I would have liked to have deleted anyway but just havent have the chance yet. Mostly documents, etc. However today when I was looking for a photo from an event a few months ago to show a friend, all my photos, save from a few taken from literally the beginning of the month, have been removed from my gallery. They're still on my cloud storage. 


How do I restore ALL of the photos that were removed from my device, and then choose by myself what photos I dont want to have. This is really irritating. Some of these photos are of friends, family, but also work related photos that I do need! I don't have the time to sift through my cloud storage and download each one individually... 


Thanks again in advance!!




Hey @Kimbrl 


what Cloud storage are you using (Samsung Cloud, Google Photos...)? Have you tried to go to Settings> Accounts and back up> Accounts> Select the account where you have this data saved and restore it? 

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