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Next Samsung flagship

(Topic created on: 25-07-2023 03:21 PM)
I know this is going to sound selfish of me Sara, but I don't care if the S24 series will be powered by Exynos or Snapdragon in my region (Europe) as I am so happy with my S23U that I won't be upgrading for sure. I know some people detest Exynos for whatever reason, but the Exynos powered flagship Samsung devices that I have owned have all been great performers overall. I was never able to compare them myself with their Snapdragon counterparts though. Leaked performance figures for the S24 series' Exynos 2400 suggest it is a REAL powerhouse for sure. It beat Apple's A16 bionic and the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 in multi core scores on Geekbench 5 recently. It sounds promising at least, but such test scores do not mean everything of course. Far from it.
Totally respect it I was just sharing to whoever will upgrade lol
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Thank you for sharing this link @sarasphotobox  👍 

I've seen posts and media pieces on various tech sites with this potential move by Samsung which is rumours at present..

I've used Samsung phone's with Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon soc inside and have found the Snapdragon version to be further optimised allowing longer battery usage time's in some instances. 

That said the rest of my user experience feels the same.


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