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My phone is stuck in bootloop and keeps going to an 'erase' screen

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I tried to root my device trough odin. Odin said it was succesful, but when i turned on my device it said someething like 'vertification failed, you have to reset your device'. So i tapped the button 'reset'. Then my phone restarted and its now stuck on a boot loop with the 'erasing' screen. It just goes to a blue screen with the android logo and beneath it it says 'erasing'. Then after a few seconds, it restarts and turns back to the screen again.

I cannot get into recovery mode, because you'd have to do it with the power button, volume and bixby button, but the second i try to do that, it just restarts. Even when my phone stopped with the bootloop and just shut down, when hold my power button it just restarts the boot loop... I now am waiting already for 2 hours, but it still is in the boot loop with the erasing screen. Maybe i should wait for my battery to die, but I dont think thats going to work, because once it just stopped the bootloop, but when i started my phone again it just restarted the bootloop.


I can only get into download mode, but thats all. I dont know my build number.


My phone is a samsung galaxy sm-g950f


I hope my phone isnt bricked and this can be fixed.

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Superuser I

I honestly think your best avenue is to talk with the people on xdadevelopers and look at the help threads and tutorials.


Unfortunately rooting a phone can lead to stability issues @Miley  which also invalidates the manufacturer warranty and typically Samsung won't be able to provide support as Knox may have been tripped.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 







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Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _ Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10. Snapdragon 865+


Slight change in policy now! Our engineers are able to inspect and repair phones that have been rooted however this is chargeable. This link will direct you to the closest Service Centre in your area. 

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