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M31 software features

(Topic created on: 26-12-2020 11:24 AM)
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I just got the Samsung M31 for Christmas and then I notice it has software that is outdated and not compatible with the latest software updates on normal samsung phones and tablets such as outdated samsung notes and samsung flow, good lock, samsung pass and galaxy shop not being available.  These are all extremely useful apps and not having them on a perfectly capable phone sucks.  The feature to call and text on other devices is also not supported and surely it can't be that strenuous on the device.  Samsung please do something about this as I NEED THESE FEATURES!!!
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me to , very disappointed with mine. maybe should have stayed with my iPhone
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Usually when a phone is powered up for the first time then awaiting updates start to show up and or look in the phone's software update section.


Also unfortunately some features are not available on all phone's in all regions.


I agree however that if a phone has the necessary hardware to run software and relevant features then it should be an option.


Perhaps send your feedback via the Samsung Members App.


I wish you all the best with this. 




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