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Keyboard of Galaxy A10s transpose characters - how to fix it????

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Hello friends!! 

I recently got a new Galaxy A10s, following many years of using iPhone. Having to re-install many apps and signing-in into them I encountered the following problem that makes it impossible to use my data (to do lists) of my old Microsoft TO DO App.

After many attempts of failed signing in, I realized that "my" repeated failures (that alarmed Microsoft system that I might be a bot, I realized that my smartphone keyboard simply changed the characters and transposed the order of the characters in the string of my password. I replaced the virtual keyboard and the problem of changing the characters was solved BUT the ORDER of the characters still was flipped.

I need help at the following tasks:

(1) Is there a direct and "old school" way to convince the Microsoft system that I am an honest HUMAN BEING, though being  83  year old :smiling-face: ?????

(2) Is there a way to see all the characters of a password already entered by me while entering, so I can see what is the actual input and not just the characters entered before passing the input buffer of my mobile ????

(3) How to straighten up the behavior of the online keyboards (Samsung Keyboard and Gboard) in entering passwords?


Thanking you in advance,


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Sadly i dont think there is any way... i would contact microsoft and tell them your issue
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i have an a10 and it is the same thing
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