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Galaxy S8 - Part Empty Notifications


Hi everyone,


Need some help. I've just noticed that my galaxy s8's notification bar is playing up .. i've attached a photo for people to see.

Some of the notifications from various stuff are half empty .. Twitter, Instagram etc ..


This has only started recently and no idea what has started it!



Screenshot_20190810-202704_Facebook.jpgScreenshot_20190810-203223_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20190814-063814_One UI Home.jpgAny ideas?

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Same problem happening to me - anyone found the reason?


Seems like a bug on font family selection: just go to Settings > Screen > Font style and select again your font of choice.

That made the trick for me.


Thanks for the tip ggonmar .. it works to some extent but then it will go back to being buggy so have to change the font again ..


Must be a bug? Issue with an app?update? Something!!

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It's to do with the blue light filler I think. Mines only done it since i set the filter to come on at night and go off in the morning. Notifications that appear during this time are prone to looking like this. The text is there it's just the font colour is the same as the background so you can't see it  If you change your display to night mode the text on the notifications will appear.  Switch it back to daylight and they will still be there.


Thanks Kevbez, i forgot to post similar last week .. when i turn to night mode everything works .. so i tried turning it back to normal and the problem reappeared not long after changing so back to night mode ..


So the options are either if you want to see them you pull down on the notification bar and switch to night mode then back, or just stick in night mode :thinking-face:

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