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galaxy s7 storage problem clean now button gone also no longer showing unnecessary data after tues night

(Topic created on: 06-12-2020 03:22 AM)
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so sometimes I have issues of putting texas poker sd card but sometimes I get it working this past tues was having hard time to put it on sd card I hit clean now button try to clear apps data nada



had a stupid idea  to clean phone up get space and i downloaded like about a couple of  cleaning apps i think 1 of them might had removed unnecssary data or something like that


because i read a review on 1 that i download called super smart manager plus somebody mention something saying vanished all my data 


i didn't notice anything wrong now 1 time i did try to move game sd card phone froze and rebooted


i wasn't sure if something also happened clean now button will go away tonight i look at device maintenance and it saying 95/100 went to storage I notice clean now button gone


in addition i notice weds when went into storage i notice something different at the tome  right seems the unnecessary data seem to also disappeared because i only see system user data and available space


underneath it read free up storage space by cleaning unused data such as rarely used apps and unnecessary documents


if it was there with other 2 it would read differently free up space by deleting unnecessary data such as cach residue  and advertisement files






i have saw this youtube


now that person issue was when app updated and cleaning now button was gone but didn't have no update in device maintenance  i do see it is show same thing as me  unnecessary data not in storage clean now button as well but my  issue is reverse again not sure what happened because i have latest Version and clean now button was there tues night but i did all that cleaning apps try to free space and i don't even know if Samsung did removed clean now button that night somehow or is due to what i did tues night


my verizon store doesn't open until tomorrow i think will go there either that data or mon 


i did go into Samsung chat somebody say download a lot of  stuff unnecessary data might appear back in storage along with clean now i have tired to download few apps and look nothing


i wished i should had waited all i wanted for Verizon to somehow free space and i guess i made it worse 1 of cleaning apps did removed unnecessary data in store why not showing and also why clean button no long showing in storage when device maintenance is 97 or below and you go to storage and clean now button supposed to be there and now gone


i really don't know what to do can somebody please help me if i have to uninstall device maintenance updates in order to bring back clean now button and unnecessary data appear in storage  will it work if i don't have to download apk  just go to galaxy store and update? i really don't want to disable auto update btw





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I had the same problem after installing the casino app

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Suppose you do not know how to clean the storage on your phone. In that case, you always have the opportunity to return the phone to the factory settings, which will completely erase all the information that was not uploaded to the phone during the use, and the phone will be fresh just like on the day of purchase. If you do not want to delete all the data, try to open access to the blocked photos. It often happens that you don't even see them, and they take up several gigabytes. If you want to gamble, you can try to play online and clear the cache after the game, and it will not take up as much space on your phone as in other applications.