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Galaxy s10+ wont screen mirror in full size

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So i have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and im connecting to my new JVC KW-M25BT using the Mirroring OA for JVC app. When i use the mirroring feature and turn the phone horizontal the screen it does not use the full size 7 inch screen of the JVC unt, instead it replicates the size of my phones screen which then makes the feature redundant. I have spoken with JVC technical and they are saying it might be a setting on phone. Does any one have any ideas as to how get the phone to mirror in full 7" mode ? 

It should be because the app does not support your screen ratio, it may only support 16:9 ratio. Some screen mirroring apps will have an option to select full screen mode (which I know is available for samsung in built screen mirroring app).
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