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wifi sticky client issue

(Topic created on: 21-11-2021 08:56 PM)
First Poster

Hi All,

I searched a lot about my issue on the internet,

so I thought maybe bringing it up here might help.

I assume many of you already know the famous sticky client issue, but looks like no one is talking about it?

maybe only few people suffering from the issue?

for those who are not familiar, the sticky client issue is when your client (phone) tries to stick to a wifi connection even if the signal is poor, and even if there is another familiar wifi access point with much better signal.


I tried searching for apps that help with this issue, but most of them are very bad quality, and now with Android 12,

their job is almost impossible, as they cannot control the wifi freely, they have limited amount of scans (all background apps can request wifi scans  once every 30 minutes or something), and they cannot force connecting to a specific network or force disconnect for a network, all they can do is provide "suggestions".


any ideas on the issue?

I would love if there would be a built-in solution for this, because this is so annoying when you have for example multiple wifi access points close by that don't support mesh, and every time I walk to a different floor or room, I need to manually change my wifi.


any other people have the same issue?