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S21+ restarting issues and how to get a replacement.

(Topic created on: 22-04-2021 02:01 PM)

I have a S21+.  I have had it right around 60 days now.  This phone shuts itself off and restarts at least 10+ more times a day. Sometimes it will restart its around 60 days now. This phone restarts at least 10+ more times a day. Sometimes it will restart itself 4 or more times in a row. Off, on, off,on....I have been desperately trying to get a replacement from Samsung. I have done all the trouble shooting that I was told to do. I have done a factory reset. This is a work phone, and I have lost many, many work opportunities, due to my unstable phone. I have been in the middle of a conversation with a client, hoping to land the job that they are offering, and my phone will restart. Very unprofessional. My phone will restart while using GPS, it will restart while using one of my work apps, and then I need to go back in and re-enter all the information again. I have been told several times by Samsung, I contact them almost every other day, to send it in and they will look at it. That is not an option, I need my phone for work. This is not a personal phone. And I do not feel I should have to go out and buy another phone, to use while I send mine in to see if they can repair it. My other option is to drive over 2 hours one way, to the closest Samsung Tech, and have them look at it. That is really not an option, since I would have to take a day off work to do this. I think with this many complaints, that Samsung would want to stand behind their products and not get a bad reputation. If I had purchased this through my cellular company, they would have given me a replacement on the spot. But I purchased this straight through Samsung, and they act like it is the consumers fault that their phones are having these restarting issues. If this was an Apple phone, Apple would have sent a replacement over night. So, my question to this community, has anyone had luck with getting a replacement with out having to jump through hoops? And if so, do you have issue with the new phone that you were sent? 

I had an issue with my s21+ but my was a screen issue. I rang them & as i was in my 28 day's they sent a courier & replaced my phone. Received the new phone in 7 days of them collecting the phone. Usually when you are over 28 day's they will ask to look/repair the phone. That is with every company.
Refer to my thread. Took 1 send back and 1 doorstep repair to the engineer to replace the motherboard.

Tried to chase a refund/replacement but apparently its against their policy and they will keep attempting to repair till fixed. Hence the doorstep repair the second time so that i could actually speak to a human face to face for a proper diagnosis