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What S9 Android Pie update BROKE on my phone!

(Topic created on: 05-03-2020 07:58 AM)

So, yeah I just updated the phone and 

this is the first time I've been so pissed off about an update that I created an id to rant about it.

What did I first see,
1. Gallery - Camera folder showed 1 picture.  I had over 5000 pics & videos.
I shoot videos on world travel with my s9 (amongst other cams I use).
Could you imagine my heart skipped 9 beats when I saw that.
Luckily I found the files (not sure why your update didn't merge the folder), and I am now copying them over cable onto my PC.  I hope it goes fine & I hope they aren't corrupted.
Four hours to finish copying.

2. What in the bullocks is with the new interface of camera. The last cam was easy to swipe between modes. 
Now, I gotta click on "more" and select something.  Does samsung realise how much people use phones with one hand.
And in travel I almost always use with one hand and with my small hands I can't even reach some of those options.
My suggestion would be, when clicked on "more" - present a smaller menu that thumb can reach.
Gladly, the option to switch between aspect ratios is not gone YET. Thank you for that.
I've hated that in pixel that I'd have to go through menus to switch aspect ratio.
I still love that I can easy switch between - landscapes or instagram aspect ratios right from the screen.

3. Copying / Moving files don't work anymore.
This is literally *****. I tried everything I could and still couldn't make it work. I cut/copy a file and it does not allow it to be pasted anywhere. Why?
I believe my instagram is broken because of same reason.

4. Instagram broken
So, I'm not able to post pics, probably might look like an instagram issue on surface.
But, I think it is samsung issue because, instagram is trying to create a copy of picture being posted to the "instagram folder" and failing at it. And they haven't written error handling for such things, so it just sits frozen.

5. Sluggish / Slow
Phone feels super sluggish. Nothing much to say on this. Everyone hates this.

I've not used the phone much after update as I plugged it straight to take backup after I saw the gallery bug, so I'll update more later.

As I said in the start of this thread, this is the first time I'm so irked that I wanted to write it down.
This given the fact that S9 has another bug that costed me a lot of money when I first bought it
(possibly the bug still exists in s10/s20) - 
this is the audio adapter bug that barely 3-4 people(or less) may have reported as not lot of people use the phone this way - as in using external mic (like rode) to vlog with the camera.
The bug was that during multiple recordings, randomly the audio would go haywire and just be lot of crackling noise.
The issue wasn't from the mic. The mic works on every other phone perfectly and is a pro level equipment.
Issue is in the device, and I'm guessing only one other youtuber ever complained about it since most of them probably use with inbuilt mic. 
The fix never came. And the discovery of this bug was both a shock & frustration as I ended up with ton of videos with *****ty audio in one of my international trips taking a motorcycle through forests.
Imagine reaching back home to figure out your 1000$ phone ***** it's pants trying to record audio over a jack and a nice mic that even a 100$ phone can do well.