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SGS9+ battery Drain. Samsung Location SDK always top of list

(Topic created on: 08-07-2021 08:55 AM)

Last week or so, all of sudden SGS9+ started loosing battery quickly.

I don't use too much and usually 7am - 6pm, 70% battery left which is good but often no calls, screen on for minutes.

Exactly the same pattern but recently each day, 5pm 20 - 30% left

Never, ever had to top up battery in the evening but now I am.

Not changed or added any apps. Vodafone. I always update when it asks.

GSam not much use as no root. It does say that 70-80% is Apps. screen, keep awake, wifi, network etc. only a few % each and as I say, no obvious App use apart from SDK & Play services

Never noticed before but Samsung Location SDK is always top of list, double the % of anything else, often google play services 2nd.


Even if I spend 30+ minutes on TikTok,  v.rough.e.g.  SDK will be 5% & TIkTik 1% (Can't remember figures at moment). My email or any other App is never even close to SDK.

I am fanatical about Location & GPS battery drain, I know location history in the past can be a drain so know what I have been looking at over the years.

Where they are ON, I have had before & know been OK so not going to start switching stuff of that I want & has not been a significant issue.

Location is ON. Improved accuracy is ON. I have findmydevice (always have)

All location history is OFF

Nothing unusual about recent location requests, in fact usually empty.

Very similar thing is happening to my wifes SGS9+ although Samsung SDK is not as bad, not of list but battery drain is even more dramatic that mine but not easy for me to monitor.

The only thing just occurred to me (& only relevant to my phone, did not do my wifes)

the INCREDIBLY annoying, impossible to remove, contact notification from Samsung about depletion of cloud & move to One Drive (I can't remember exact notification but had so many people angry) I did start to migrate to stop the message, not sure what I ended up doing, I did not want to use but ANYTHING to stop the icon.

I am guessing these were always on

Samsung Account

Sync On for, calendar, contacts, reminder & Pass.

I use my google account for all these things but reluctant to turn off as know so intertwined.



I got the exact same problem on SGS9 since June 6th update.

Can't find a fix yet...


I have actually now bought an s21, perhaps that's what they want us to do!!

I did a bodge fix, force stop on it.

I have yet to find anything that restarts the process so very strange, a pain you have to do/remember if you restart the phone but does work and as I say nothing so far, apart from restart of phone enabled location sdk again.



Oh you're right, force stop "Samsung Positioning" system app each time after a reboot do the trick apparently, no more battery drain!

And positioning still working in apps. 


Yes, if found it worked 100% as long as I remembered if I restarted.

The odd thing thing is I ran every App I could think off and never found any of them starting Location SDK again.

That would have been great to identify the problem App but no luck.

Also I think you are the only one who has had exactly this problem as far as I can tell.

I actually changed my firmware from Vodafone to Three in the UK, and whilst I did not wipe the phone it is a new firmware so quite significant, wiped dalvic cache etc. none of this helped.

I do feel it is an 3rd party App somewhere, and probably if I went through every single app, even those not expecting to use location & check after each one to see if location SDK had been started you would find the culprit but I do not have the will!

Safe mode I am sure it did not start so I think this indicates it is a 3rd party but of course I guess even a Samsung or google apps may not all be loaded in safe mode.


Whilst I now have an S21, I keep the SGS9 edge as backup and still would really like to know, just for my sanity.