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S9 possible region locked no where to enter code

(Topic created on: 06-12-2021 07:45 PM)

Hi i have a post here regarding a possible region locked galaxy s9

Quick run down :


Used in the uk for 2 years with a uk sim .

Phone if factory unlocked


Wife is currently in Nevada and vroke her phone so i said id send my spare s9 over .

Checked was all unlocked using 4 different uk sims .

Reset and posted to wife .


Upone recieving the phone 

Inserted usa sim .

Comes up sim not recognised 

Inserts uk giff gaff sim comes up giff gaff then t mobile then sim not recognised .


Since 9th November been fighting with samsung to find out if needs a unlock code even though it was used for 2 year in the uk with uk sim previous .


Wife sent phone back to me in the uk all working fine .

Sent the phine back . Same issue 


Today i been given a region unlock cide but unsure how to enter as its not asking for a code just doesnt like usa sims or networks 


Any thoughts ?