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"Connected Without Internet" Issue on Airplanes and Public WiFi

(Topic created on: 29-03-2021 06:37 PM)

This last fall 2020 there was a software update that has completely disabled by S10+ from being able to connect to various public wifis, but more largely an issue, wifi on airplanes.

I understand that the majority of the recommendation is to either "Randomize MAC" or use "Phone MAC".  I'm telling you, this does not work.  Samsung forced through an update that has made phones completely useless in connecting to some WiFi networks.

I spoke to our IT team at my work and they've stated that this is a Samsung issue, that the wifi routers don't recognize the phones long enough to establish a connection because the MAC address is constantly changing.

Usually I can "connect" but it states that I am connected without internet, so clearly I am not connected in any manner that is helpful.  

When I connect at work I get the message "Private DNS server cannot be accessed".  When I connect on the airplane I get "Connected but without internet".


Has anyone been able to solve this issue?  A factory reset is not reasonable.  Random/Phone MAC does not work.  Clearing cache does not work.   Thanks.

Connected without Internet, means you're connected to the router, but not to the Internet (duh), which means it has nothing to do with your MAC address.

The reasons why you may be able to connect to the router, but not getting Internet access, is going to be either the router denying you access, such as via a firewall, or your phone blocking the connection, also via the same means.

But since this is occurring on multiple networks, all public, i would start by checking your network settings on your phone for anything that may restrict network access to public WiFi zones or suspicious networks.

Thanks for reply -  no issue with my phone.  I can access some public wifi networks (such as the hotel I'm currently in).  I'm not an expert so I'm speaking over my head, but my IT explained that the galaxy phones pushed through a software update in the fall that randomizes the MAC (or IP?) address that the phone pings the routers with.  Because of this, networks with security features in place (such as my office or airplanes) makes it nearly impossible to ever connect.

The IT team at my office took me about 10 minutes of giving them specific information off of my phone and they hard entered (for lack of better term) my phone info into our WiFi networks/routers so that they would always recognize and allow my phone.  Of course this isn't an option on an airplane or other public networks.

It's clear from google search that I am not the only galaxy user experiencing this and ever forum seems like there is no solution for this.  I just can't believe that for 6-8 months Android hasn't come up with a solution on how to allow access to these networks.

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Hi. Did you ever resolve this?

I get the same issue with some public WiFi - where it says connected without Internet.

The workaround I've found is that a vpn will still work, so I can get Internet access. But I would still like to know the cause of you have any insight.