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Ongoing S21 Ultra problems

(Topic created on: 19-02-2023 11:33 PM)
Hi all,

For the last few weeks I have been suffering continuing bugs and errors. I have one UI 5.0

I use a clear view cover and frustratingly for the past two weeks I cannot keep my screen unlocked. It's been set with smart lock to be unlocked at my home, I have screen time out set for 10 minutes, I have had these settings in place since I got the device and they've worked fine just as desired. But now my phone locks each time I close the cover and seemingly no way for me to prevent this. I haven't changed any settings at all. 

Also, I have had a sleep routine scheduled in modes and routines for many many months without problems, but recently, as mentioned in previous posts, it doesn't work properly. It sets an alarm every single time for the end of the routine in the morning and vibrates at night for the start of the routine. I don't want a wake up alarm and I don't want a vibrating notification that sleep has started.I have to change this every single day to stop both things happening.

Lastly, I have had a schedule set for always on display to be active between 7am-11pm for about 18 months which has worked fine. But for some reason recently it resets itself every day to "show always". Again, no idea why or how to stop this bug.

I can't see any particular reason why any of this has happened, I've not changed any of these settings myself in any way. 

Anyone else suffering similar frustrations?
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Hello @Rodney5 

I'm sorry to hear of the various issues you're experiencing.

The first steps would be ......

1. Clear Cache Files from the phone's System Partition Section  > You may need to insert your earphones or hook upto a powered On Laptop to access the Clear Partition Section. This may help with lag or stutters as this clears the phone of old/unused or broken cache files.There is also a Repair Apps option in the Menu System too. 

2. Safe Mode  > turns off downloaded apps and themes etc which may highlight an app or theme that's causing conflict. 

Let us know how you get on please.

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