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clearing cache

(Topic created on: 19-02-2021 06:11 PM)
Helping Hand
Hi all

Just thought I would post here but just for a piece mind normally after every update i would clear the phone cache..
Now the question arises, what help would be clearing up the cache Well, the cache partition contains most of your temporary files, remembered bits, and log from the many different applications present or downloaded on the device. By clearing the cache will help with new patches and stop things from being buggy. But after a major update I mean new one ui i always factory reset so its a total clean and fresh install..

And if you want to clear partition all you have to do is 
1,keep your phone on plug the cable into a pc or laptop then keep your finger on power button and volume down until phone turns off.

2, once its turned off still keep your finger on power button but change your finger from volume down to volume up until you see the samsung logo then take both fingers off.

3, Installing system update” message may come on the screen briefly, but then you will be directed to the Auto Recovery menu and all the options will appear in front of you.

4, Now press the volume down key to navigate your cursor and highlight the “Wipe cache partition” option.Now use the power button to select your highlighted option.After that, take the cursor to the option yes and press again the power button to select. Once that is done select reboot system and phone will reboot. And that's it normally this will resolve most of the bugs some maybe just apps that are not optimised yet but they will be soon. 
Anyways hopes this helps most people if your still unsure youtube will be a good place to watch as well.