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Community Feedback

(Topic created on: 20-12-2016 04:32 PM)


Hi there,


Here at Samsung we are always very keen to get your feedback on anything you feel will help to improve our products and services. The Community is no exception.


In fact, given that the Community was designed to be driven by its users, it would be a little remiss if we didn’t look to feed your ideas directly into the Communities future development. 


I look forward to reading your comments and to working with you on shaping our Samsung Community.







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I'd love an option on my phone (which I think ought to be enabled by default) to always record in landscape mode.... even if the phone is being held in portrait. Obviously would effect resolution (max 1080p?) I guess. Which I could live with. 


Well I was going through the offered topics and could not find such I would need now - special questions...


My Special Question is even based on your business policies in the different regions of our planet and I would like to discuss it that way asking what sense does it make the way SAMSUNG is doing it right now and since many years already mostly unknown to SAMSUNG users.


I crashed very unlucky my beautiful S7 edge this summer when I was stumbling over steps on a little hill in the city of Mönchengladbach. with my right hand I could prevent myself from falling on my face but on my left hand I carried a little bag and inside some stuff like wallet and S7 as well.


Before I used a flip cover on S7 but the edges were broken off and I could not find in time the simple butwell working back cover out of Silikon which also covers all edges and I am using that on other phones since years. Well I wanted a nice looking one for my nice looking S7edge and bought this flip cover with same color for about 20 Euros reduced from 29,95 Euros and after all it wasn't worth it as the important plastic edges just got loose and partially broke off when the phone later was droppen and never ever got damaged, thanks to our office carpet.


But then when I stumbled I had no chance and with me left hand I crashed fullyon stones tiles and I could hear how my S7 was hit so badly I must not even see this...


No chance to work on it anymore because the panel was broken and was not able to reflect the given signals anymore though it's still working and I am loading it regularly since I found out that the system itself still works and even sends notifications which I cannot read...


Okay - then checking what is possible to get this one repaired because soon I found that it was still sold for more than 300 Euros. But I was shocked when I also found that the repair costs about the same. Later I understood why, because SAMSUNG has created this phone actuall into two halfs and both sides got much hardware included - so hte panel is not only the panel it's almost half of the whole device.


Okay - accepted at first sight I cannot pay that for now and decided to keep it until I would find some other solution.


A few days later I found videos of how to repair this phone and I thought by myself when I have learned about this sensitive panel that this is sure some work and as this price is including the repair service it's not so bad as I thought.


Now I tried to find this panel for a better price and I found it in the US...Only about 120 $ which I could invest if they would send it... I thought...


But first getting goods from the US is almost impossible as of the blocked EU market to the US since decades and so the fees and transport costs would eat up all thepossible gains on sales and next I heard from a SAMSUNG representative at Frankfurt am Main that SAMSUNG is producing ON PURPOSE for different regions different device constructions inside in order to hinder that way exchanging parts over the so called grey markets.


Okay we both know many are doing this like Apple and other big brands...


Still it's not fair to customers and also a big waste of anything to put into a given basic construction changes which only cost more money more energy more expenses in IT equipment time and workload - you can look everywhere and it will raise costs - directly and as well indirectly.


But all these brands claim for themselves how much they are investing in our environmet support worldwide...haha


So the question is simple - will you be so nice and sell me one EU certified panel just for the basic costs and I will repair it myself - on my own risk?


Otherwise I will keep it and hoping that I will find one day a used piece for little money bit this might take some more time...  


Sure too bad that I got the edge-version which you can hardly find in our market....




E. A.



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It's good that i found this spot as i really need to give some feedback on the newest update. 


I bought an S8 as a change from apple products. I was very hesitant as for years, all my times i would use an samsung phone with android seemed so cluttered and complicated. But the S8 really won me over, and i have been so excited with it ever since i got it. 

At the moment though  i have honestly not felt more frustrated with a phone before; I updated my S8 to the newest version today ( pie if i am not mistaken is the name) and I have been majorly disappointed so far; It is everything i was afraid before- the simplicity is gone, everything feels to have extra steps all over, the visual style is not as sleek and professional but a weird approach has been tried, unsuccessfully so, in the past. 

My problem though is that so many changes happened without even the possibility if reverting or keeping some features as they were,to the user's discretion. For example; the multi window feature has been an amazing tool that i was using on a daily basis, by simply touching the screen for a couple of secs. Now i have to physically make so many extra steps as to my understanding, i need to open an app, then go to recents-which disrupts the 1st app- and hold to get the menu to choose the split screen feature and THEN add my other app. This is so needless and honestly defeats the purpose of how incredibly accesible the feature was. No more options with the navigation bar is another case; the new full gesture feature is honestly a step to the right direction! But why would you take away the versatility of letting the old users choose their preference, and instead release an update which did NOT explain most of these features in the description AND gives no choice after the update is installed? 

I have been searching online for hours now, and it is true that most users go out of their way to express how much they didn't like a lot of the changes in the latest update. I think that's feedback enough on its own! 

I know this is a work in progress but please, release an update that will accomodate the -literal in some cases- outcry of the community, concerning the latest update. 


Thank you 


Hello Theo,


I understand your disappointment very much and it's true that lately updates are made in every OS (not only Android) not giving users anymore the choice to adjust new standards or even jumping back to the older version, which was still possible in earlier times.


Sure you can  root ANdroid systems but the bit more of additional control is nothing compared to the professional knowledge one would need if the controllers shall be wiped out completely.


In fact you could just start to write your own OS...hehe - and later no provider will grant you access to their networks - because to broke their business rules.


I am sure that such OS updates - or same counts for regular software updates - are based on the same idea as what "they" (not SAMSUNG!! but the governments worldwide!!) are doing since longer, removing more and more direct and FREE access to the WWW.


Example - If we have searched some years ago in net anything - even under Google - we found what we have searched for or even got new hints on that.


Now it's general standard that Google presents a lot of other data we don't need but it's their way to make more money.


And using the search bar by filter technique will be responded always by "not found" or "try something else..."


There are numerous examples to find and it's becoming more and more clear that the FREE INTERNET will be gone soon and only a platform for buying and selling will remain.


Same will come as next step and started already, that all OS environments will be put under worldwide control.


Any person who has no access to specified tools to secure herself / himself / itself - has no chance at all to escape this kind of control including more and more indirect manipulation, based on our given data and their statistical results.


Users have generally no chance getting rid of all this and many will have to ask themselves in the coming future if it's still needed to use a smartphone or tablet every day, every hour.


I knew some years ago that the electronic systems will be taken over gradually because no government in the world can feel secured anymore when people could exchange every information and sure this happens since years and it will happen forever - no matter whether we are using electronic equipment or just will be talking again or the old fashioned hand writing....


The responsible ones for the welfare of this planet don't have any idea how to handle this discrepancy - peoples' minds - free internet - against the manipulation interest of governments and business practised everywhere and at any time to us.


And history shows - if these people are feeling helpless they start to wipe out everything what they would consider as "dangerous" to themselves - telling US it's for US but actually it'S for THEM alone!!


One day this bad game will end bad for everyone - and there will be no difference made for anyone.


To avoid this it would need a big turn of minds in all governments or we must stop using the electronic world - because  for living in a house and eating every day - we don't need that.


But know also - then we cannot write such reports anymore...


And we know - most will not think that much further or understanding this terrible logic which is man made but in it's functionality it forces us into some kind of reaction based on the given system rules - and freedom is always threatining those who need the control - because it'S made up in our minds since birth - either CONTROL or  FREEDOM.


BOTH would be possible if people would have a different view on life and society - but there is nothing like that seen yet.


The same has started on OS like Android and WIndows, already some of the biggest systems we got worldwide.


All standards which are created til now are giving people less freedom how to configurate their systems.


Windows 10 is a good example for taking over the machines. And even if we would use the Pro version it will become now more and more complicated to tailor a system to our own needs including higher security.


Just to mention it...VPN is told to be safe...Yes, in a way it's "safer" but since then many site owners are using tools to abandon users from certain content - and google is the worst of all - just giving us a dead end with no information that VPN has been recognized and that's why we suddenly are stuck in "Nirwana" - which doesn't look like what others want to believe...


Okay - let's continue our dedication to freedom, until there is no more way to use the net as we want it and spreading the full truth of what are systems now created for - to control the last breath of FREEDOM!!!




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How about you guys make an update where it adds google assistant on the Samsung Galaxy watch? Everyone hates Bixby. Bixby sucks! we want google assistant! 

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When will google assistant be made available on the Samsung Galaxy watch?? i and many many others hate Bixby. But we all really want google assistant on the Galaxy watch! when can this happen?
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Can we please get Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch? Bixby, however useful, lacks basic function on the Galaxy Watch. It isn't even capable of replying to a question. It simply asks you to check my phone.


Just joined community and need to ask a question about Exchange ActiveSync but cannot work out how to ask a question. Can you tell me how to ask a question?

@Earl1: Welcome to the Community! If you want to post a question then simply go to the Community Home screen, select the relevant category for your device, tap 'Start a Topic' and you're good to go. You can also use the search function in the top right corner (magnifying glass symbol) to search existing posts to see if your question has already been answered. Hope this helps.

I am a Samsung product fan from the great memory chips to batteries, tablets and phones.  I have no problems at all with the hardware but the software department as of 2019 has seriously caught me offguard. First was with my kids tablets samsung kids app. We loved all tha games and the layout. I even got a new subscription for another year. Then someone at samsung went and totaly redesigned the program layout. Why they did this I don't know. If it aint broke why change it? Now my kids don't use it anymore and I don't have the time to relearnthe new layout so I won't be renewing that service. Sucks because it WAS a good one. Oh well no big deal but when my galixy s8 active got a new update this got my attention real quick. I'm a single parent. I don't have time for relearning how to use my dam phone! Seriously? Who the hell is running the software department for this company? I question if they have full frontal lobe development completed yet.  I truely wish I had been given the option to update or not or to go back to the old android version. This is no longer the phone I purchased and I will remember this when... well probably now when I am looking for a new phone. I have spent thousands of usd on samsung products but now I don't know If I will continue to do so...