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Weight management removed from Samsung health

(Topic created on: 12-10-2020 01:01 AM)
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If anyone from Samsung  is reading all these posts you need to do something. The removal of weight management in S Health makes no sense. Until this happened I have been a big fan of Samsung and loved my Gear S3. I am now considering moving away to Apple or Garnin. Something I never thought I would hear myself say. Samsung you have shot yourselves in the foot. 

if you move to Apple shame on you traiter!
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Hi Billy

I have always been a big Samsung fan and very Anti Apple. I was going to bin my company Apple phone next year when I finish work but this has really hacked me off. I don’t want to but Samsung have been stupid here and need to reverse the changes. It maybe I will go Garmin and not Apple


Samsung Galaxy has in my opinion failed to inform customers of the removal of both the weight management and burnt calories widgets after a firmware update. 

They have also failed miserably in following their own website, on Your Rights under the Australian Consumer Laws.

Basically under Australian Consumer laws with reference to Statutory Remedies, a major failure occurs when 

  • Goods ARE NOT  reasonably fit for a purpose disclosed, either expressly or by implication, and relied upon by the consumer;

Weight management is a pre sale function of the watch, for the reason why many consumers purchased the watch in the first place.

Under the ACL, a major failure will occur where:
  • The goods would not have been acquired by a reasonable consumer if they were aware of the issue;
  • There is a significant departure from the supply description, or sample or demonstration model;
  • If one of the following occurs which cannot be remedied easily within a reasonable time:
  • The goods are substantially unfit for their purpose; or
  • The goods are unfit for a disclosed purpose made known prior to acquisition. 

Samsung has returned my two watches three times from their service department stating that the watches are operating within  Samsung's specifications. 

What that informs me is that I have taken good care of both watches. So no user fault is proven three times. However Samsung completely ignores Australian Consumer Law and is not providing a remedy of either fixing the problem or issuing a refund.

I urge people before purchasing watches from Samsung to understand what they are buying into as Samsung has repeatedly shown to change the pre-sale purpose of both watches as a stand alone Weight management tool and refuse a customer their rights under ACL. 

I hope that people who would consider purchasing anything from any company that if for example be it an electric car with a electronic fuel gauge that is later removed after a firmware update. Then the customer purchasing the car should be concerned. So buyer be aware please.