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Video Editor Bugs Makes it Unusable

(Topic created on: 02-03-2021 11:40 PM)

The Video Editor was good until the recent update.

After the update, when I try to split a video the time stamp is off by up to 20 seonds and 30 seconds, depending on whether I choose play or scan. This makes it very difficult to edit nature videos.

I will see an edit point at approximately 1m 20 seconds, but the actual location may be at 1:55. I will not the place I want to split but scan back to see if I missed anything. Something I think I want shows up at 1:32 time stamp. But when I play it there is nothing there. So I start the video play at 1:20 to see if I missed anything, but nothing shows up until 1:55

This means hours of wasted time checking and rechecking videos make sure I'm not deleting anything I want to keep.

Please fix this in a hurry.

Also, why is it I can only split a video if I want to slice it with another. Most people record a video and then would like to edit out the unwanted parts. 

Why is it when scanning video you have a large message come up in the middle of the screen where I am looking to find edit points. Can you put the messages somewhere else, or add a check box to disable them.