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Unknown Samsung Electronics 650-9345824 NJ monthly bank charges

(Topic created on: 17-09-2023 06:16 AM)
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I'm wondering if anyone has learned anything about the unauthorized Samsung Electronics charges that many people seem to have experienced? I just had to file a dispute for the second time, for 2 years of either $9.84 or $10.94 unknown debits. Well, unknown besides the last time I had to file this dispute, which was also a 2 year period, the only range of records I can pull up on their website, I don't really know how long it's been going on. I have contacted Samsung, I've checked every account and potential subscription source both times, and there's no record of this on their end. 10 bucks a month isn't breaking me but this is very frustrating to watch happen and all I can do is wait another while and file another dispute. My bank said it's not tied to my debit card so canceling the old one didn't work, they can't stop the payment. I guess I'm going to change accounts this time so I don't have to go for round three.

You'd think they would have gotten to the bottom of it by now rather than continuing to reimburse me while someone stacks up change all over the place.