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Timed burst photos - only on iPhone

(Topic created on: 31-12-2020 05:06 PM)
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I would love to be able to tale burst photos by myself. Burst photos allow for natural movement in photos and give you more choices to work with, every Samsung phone i have had you need another person to take the burst photos for you... this whole year it has basically been impossible. 

Half the time I use other apps such as Snapchat and the camera is inverted so the photos are not really up to standard... I would really like it if Samsung had an update where we can put a timer on and select burst photos so we can do this on our own.. I purchased the phone for the camera and I don't even use it! 

IPhone have this ability and it kind of sickens me a little samsung!.. I don't want to switch 😖

Phone photography is not an option with Samsung! 

Anyone agree?