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The game booster plus multitouch coords bug

(Topic created on: 01-05-2023 07:29 PM)
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There is an issue with feature of game booster plus that lowers resolution for games. Called "Graphics quality".

When "Graphics quality" is not 100% it brakes multitouch in games that use regular views. Looks like it messes up coordinates of touches when you touch 2 views simultaniously.

You can read more detailed info about this issue here:

The most annoyint thing about this is that system automatically may set "Graphics quality" lower than 100% when user don't even know anything about Game Booster plus and about this "Graphics quality" feature. In reslut user get's bugged controls in game that he just download from galaxy store/google play

I have same issue in my games and I didn't find a way to mitigate that problem.
You can test this issues in my game . Just joing the game and press speeding up button while you are ruling your snake with right hand. With "Graphics quality" feature control becomes bugged.

I made a sample project where you can test this issue too. Just make sure to apply "Graphics quality" feature (the lower % you will set the more bugged it will be).