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Sync Samsung Calendar with Windows 10

(Topic created on: 03-11-2021 11:25 PM)
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Mobile Apps & Services

Hello together,

I recently switched (again) from iOS back to Samsung/Android because I do no want to get bound to Apples Eco System and because I am an Windows 10 User.

The main reason was Microsofts and Samsungs cooperation and the hope to sync all my important applications with Windows 10 and my new S21 Ultra. It works more or less great.

What I can absolutely not figure out, how to sync my Samsung Calendar (or any other calendar App) with the Windows build in one. It works great with my iPhone. I am logged into Windows with my Microsoft Account and I was able back then to add iCloud as an Account to Calender and Contacts. But I am not able to do this with the Samsung Account. My last solution would be to sync Google Calender with Samung and Windows Calender, but this is divinity not my prefered way.
Are there other, better solutions? This is such a simple task and I can not image it is not possible.

Thank you in advance