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(Topic created on: 03-11-2021 01:59 AM)
I hates bixby
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I tried to open a "my cat demands attention" video but I could not, because Bixby decided it wanted my attention at that moment.  The number of times Bixby has interfered with my ability to make or retrieve a phone call, open an app, look up something on the internet or listen to an audio book or just do anything but answer a call are uncountable.  On second thought.  Maybe that's why my calls get dropped mid conversation.

Bixby by far has to be the most obnoxious, annoying thing I have ever encountered.   

I have been a loyal Samsung Galaxy phone user for many years ( and an avowed I phone hater), but I cannot put up with Bixby, which I understand is on all Galaxy phones from the 8S to the new models.  I want the freedom to manage my phone as I choose without some childish piece of software attempting to dictate to me.

I dumped McAfee virus software years ago because I found it to be like an overbearing mother.   Bixby is like a needy child who craves constant attention.A  ll I want is to be left alone to operate my device and not spend most of my time trying to work around this obnoxious beast.

I understand that the new Google phones are pretty good.  I'm willing at this point to put up with inferior camera technology and other quirks simply because at this point I can't pick up my G 9 S or press a button without Bixby coming to life and  slapping it's hand over the controls and demanding I say something.

This link maybe helpful to you

How to turn off Bixby
Big Cheese
On a laptop/PC, have Minimal ADB & Fastboot, as well as the latest Samsung Drivers. Follow my post below for guidance on this topic 😎. Hope this helps 🙂!