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Sim Card Manager keeps crashing

(Topic created on: 09-02-2024 01:26 PM)
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I can't access the sim card manager on my phone - it keeps crashing and now I have no mobile network access.

I have seen a simlar post and I am mirroring what was said before as there didnt seem to be a fix posted.  

I have an S21 ultra dual sim. I was traveling internationally and had the sim 1 slot turned off in the sim card manager so I didn't incur roaming charges. When I landed home I opened the sim card manager and turned off the sim 2. Usually I would turn one on before turning the other off, but I was so tired I turned sim 1 off, then the phone crashed - so I effectively have both sims turned off and get no mobile signal at all 

I tried to reload the sim card manager but when I tap it, it either does nothing, tries to enter the sim card manager and then exists before it can load anything, or gives me an error message related to call settings. The only way for me to load the sim card manager is to take both sim cards out. Otherwise it won't load it it gives an error and as soon as I put the sim cards back in, one or both, it wont allow me to access the sim card manager - it just doesnt load. 

Note: I hadn't opened the tray to swap physical sim cards in about two weeks.

Does anyone know what's going on or how to get my sim card slots working again?

Things I have tried:

- Multiple resets

- swapping out sim cards

- swapping which sim card was in which tray

- doing a reset in all network connections

- booting into safe mode

Anything else someone might be able to suggest to fix this issue?


Hi, I have the exact issue for my s21 where I accidentally turned off both sims and the sim card manager crashes after. Unable to load sim card manager and it shows the 'call settings error message'. I have tried all the methods above as well but yeah still didn't work.

But I did some trial and errors, manage to solve it after! Sharing the steps here, hopefully it works for you.

- Have your sim inserted. Enter into sims card manger to trigger the pop-up error message 'call settings keeps stopping'

- From there, select app info > storage > clear cache and data

- Once cleared, back and return to the sims card manager, the page will then reload and you should be able to select the sim card you wish to turn on.

Not sure if it was just the clearing of call setting data and cache that got it to work or if it was a combination of all the rest of the steps as well e.g. reset network connections, update phone software, boot into safe mode or resetting of app preferences etc. Anyway, mine worked and I didn't have to resort to a factory reset.


Worked perfectly, thanks for sharing.