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Samsung pay registration

(Topic created on: 13-01-2024 12:19 PM)
Mr Olly
First Poster

I have a Galaxy watch. It was bought in UK, but given to me when in UAE visiting daughter. I bought new Samsung phone in UAE while I was there and paired watch for first time when there. I guess I must have set up Samsung account when there. Also downloaded "wear" and "pay" apps and registered. Successfully paired my credit card (UK bank) and started making payments with watch.

Returned to UK, watch payments worked ok. 6 months on phone conks out Samsung wouldn't honour warranty in UK (whole different matter.

Bought non Samsung android phone, installed apps, everything worked ok.

Changed credit card, tried to pair card and Samsung Pay wouldn't allow it doesn't support lender. 

Go to "approved lender "link and it is a site with ".ae" suffix and all banks are Arab banks. 

Tried resetting both phone and watch to factory settings but I guess it is Samsung account which has UAE link, but when I check settings in Samsung account it is registered to UK jurisdiction.(I had Samsung phone and other devices before buying UAE phone.

Can't wipe or set up new Samsung account as linked to email address.

How can I get to UK registration on "Pay"?

Galaxy watches and phones are region locked. Buy a a watch somewhere, move countries, watch won't work properly. Sounds like that's what happened here. There isn't a solution other than trade it in and buy a new one. The region cannot be changed. It's not the account that's the issue, the original country is baked into the device
Mr Olly
First Poster

I was told that the watch was actually purchased in UK. It's just that I first activated it in UAE. If that is so, surely it should be reversible?