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Samsung OpenRoaming identity provider no longer working?

(Topic created on: 17-08-2023 02:58 PM)
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This something more for @samsung-gdpr and the Samsung staff : You will probably know that for at least a year Samsung has supported OpenRoaming. It works on my older A40 and my new A53. Or *worked*, rather. It no longer does. 

When I attempt to connect to an OpenRoaming (OR) network (or Hotspot 2.0, if that's more familiar), I cannot connect. On our wireless controllers that connect to an OR proxy server, the Samsung server ( returns a "Request denied" message. This is not limited to me or my devices. And I am not the only one seeing this problem, this has been raised in a networking group too where others with OR networks have noticed the same. It's not OpenRoaming either, because if I connect with an Apple phone or a Google Pixel, both connect to the OR network fine.

So, could you, @samsung-gdpr, please get in touch with your internal infrastructure people and investigate this? We'd really like to see our Samsung phones connect to our OR network again. And I know that there's at least one university that would be able to see its visitors with Samsung phones automatically switch to Wi-Fi when they're within reach.

Thank you very much!