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Samsung Health records retroactively missing

(Topic created on: 21-04-2024 11:51 PM)
First Poster

I've noticed in the last few days that some of my March daily records have changed / have become retroactively inaccurate. I previously had 31/31 days with the activity rings closed, but then went to 28/31. After changing my phone clock back to those days, the data updated for two of the three days and was accurate again when I returned my clock to the present day, but one day (14/03) remains inaccurate.

The cumulative steps from my four auto detected workouts that day exceed 10,000, so it's just the total that is inaccurate. When the March challenge final step count was calculated, the missing steps were included, so this hasn't been an issue for long.

I have two activities that day that overlapped / are recorded as duplicated, and I'm wondering if the steps acquired during that overlap are now not being counted as they should? Will the app be attempting to cancel out what it thinks are identical steps, when they're not and were two separate sessions?

Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice. I've already tried emptying the app cache, deleting the data, reinstalling the app, reverting my clock to the day in question to try to force it to update, and synchronising repeatedly. Nothing has budged the step count so far.