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Samsung email app won't sync trash folder

(Topic created on: 01-06-2022 04:54 PM)
Ken L
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I'm running Samsung email V on Galaxy S10.  I use a Yahoo email account.  I sometimes see emails arrive on my mobile device which I hastily delete, but later decide to look up from my Mac laptop.  The problem is that the trash folder on the Samsung email app doesn't sync with my Yahoo trash folder and thus my Mac laptop.  So I've lost a few billing notices, for example.  The Samsung email app has a list of folders that I can sync, but it doesn't include the trash folder.  I know I could be more careful when deleting emails, but saving the trash is my backstop.  Does anyone know how to fix this in Samsung email?  Or suggest a better email app?

Samsung Maker ★
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Hi, I'm confused. Samsung email has a recycle bin which is where deleted messages go. These apps don't sync with each other, they sync with the mail server. If your email is set up as POP3, only the locally stored message gets deleted ie it remains on the server and would be accessible from your Mac. If you have set up your account as IMAP the message will be deleted from all devices.