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Regarding Horrible customer service by Samsung

(Topic created on: 19-06-2024 04:39 PM)
First Poster

Almost 3 years ago, I bought a Samsung M31s, well my dad bought it for me and it was my first smartphone, it costed us about 22000 INR.

Well I cared for the phone very much, and never had a problem with it, until 10 months ago. It randomly started getting restarted all by itself after intervals of 20 minutes or so. A local shop owner told me that it was a processor issue. I didn't know this was a common thing, I just thought it happened due to usage for 2+ years. But I thought it would get repaired for free as I had nothing to do with the damage to the phone itself right? Like it wasn't anything that I did to the phone that made it restart, Samsung had to take the responsibility right?

I visited the service centre and they told me it would cost about 8000 INR as my phone was out of warranty and told me it was a motherboard issue, without any inspection, as even inspection would cost 180 INR.

I didn't go with the repair as the price for repair was too high and I could just buy a new phone instead of repairing. I bought a Samsung M14 shortly after this.

Well recently I discovered that this didn't just happen to my phone, but it happened to many, many other Samsung phones with the same processor, the Samsung exynos 9611. Some people in the forum got free repairs too, a youtuber by the name Gyan Therapy made a video about it too, of how the processor is faulty. Well I hadn't resaled the phone, so I thought that I should raise the concern once again.

I emailed the CEO and the service head, and it took them 5 days to give me a proper reply! And then they told me that I needed to get a job sheet if I needed any further help! That frustrated me, as it were a 20 minute drive to the nearest service centre, and the temperature is too high where I live. Till this point Samsung had wasted a lot of my time. Well I went to the service centre, paid for the job sheet (180 INR), waited a hour and more and they emailed the service head the Job sheet.

Well then I recieve the call from the service head, and he told me it would cost about 9000 INR to repair the same. I was outraged. First, they waste a lot of my time and now this? Samsung should have acknowledged that their processor was faulty, which they never did. Many people just don't raise the issue and companies like Samsung get away with it with no compensation for the people. We have like 5 Samsung air conditioners, a Samsung washing machine, a Samsung fridge, and my family has been buying Samsung phones, and samsung phones only, for the past 12 years. Samsung has obliterated my trust, who has been a loyal customer. Never again, will I ever buy any Samsung products, nor will I recommend the same to anyone.

And the customer service didn't do anything, just kept on wasting my time with "do this do that" while ultimately ending up with "Your phone is out of warranty, we can do nothing". I then just asked for a refund on the job sheet, and they couldn't even give me that. That job sheet literally helped me nothing, it gave me information that I already knew about.

Anyone please provide me with any help you could give, that would be much appreciated 🙏