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Printing from Samsung Galaxy A32 to a networked printer on my home network

(Topic created on: 13-10-2023 03:39 PM)
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How to print from my Android 13 phone (Samsung Galaxy A32) to a Canon Pixma G2510, the printer is connected by usb to a WiFi repeater (an old repurposed router, a Fritz!Box 3490) part of a WiFi mesh in my home, the mesh master being a Fritz!Box 7530 WiFi router. There is one other mesh repeater in the network, a Fritz!Box Repeater 3000.
The address of the mesh repeater is, and the location of the printer in my Linux network is

I can print from any of my WiFi or LAN connected Linux machines to the Canon printer printer but no matter what I try in the Android phone, the printer is not found.

I have tried using the Canon app, and also the Canon Print Services app in the phone but they don't find the printer either, even if fed the above location in various forms and it is not listed in the available printer options by either of those apps - I assume this is because it is not a WiFi enabled printer but a usb one.

Is it possible to print from Android with this setup in the same way that I print from Linux?

All advice gratefully received.